68th Annual JROTC Night
Challenge Trophy Dinner
and Awards Ceremony
March 8th and 16th 2012

Head Table

 Invocation by John Massie 
 BUSC President Mayuga introduces The Head Table (click here) 

Fifty-three members and guests attended our JROTC Mess Night on March 16, 2012 to hear LTC Gary L. Macnamara, USA, USA National Guard and LAPD. LTC Macnamara related how his own JROTC and ROTC experiences provided him the character and leadership skills for success in the US Army, the National Guard and the Los Angeles Police Department. Our special guests included: LT COL Ted McDonald - LAUSD’s Chief of the JROTC Program, Mr. Tom Jones – Assistant Principal of the first place winning Monroe High School, and the instructors, cadet commanders, platoon leaders and guidon bearers from Monroe High School, Manual Arts High School, and Verdugo Hills High School. Many thanks to the many members who sponsored cadets and staff for the evening.

Cadets from Monroe,Manual Arts,& Verdugo Hills HSs

Magdaleno, Mujica , and Dayton

C/COL Mendoza

CLTC McCasland

JROTC Perpetual Trophy with Asst Principal T Jones

LTC Macnamara addressing the Cadets

LCOL Macnamara's talk can be viewed on YouTube in three parts by clicking on the links below:

 First ten minutes 
 Second ten minutes 
 Last five minutes 


JROTC Awards Ceremony
at James Monroe High School
March 8, 2012

Junior ROTC Awards Ceremony

This ceremony was held on March 8, 2012 at Monroe High School to recognize the 20 Los Angeles
high schools that participated in the BUSC-sponsored Company Drill Competition -- established by
the BUSC in 1945. Awards were granted to the top three schools, James Monroe High School, first
place winner for 15 of the last 16 years; Manual Arts High School, second place; and Verdugo Hills
High School, third place. The assembled cadets, comprising the full company of Monroe High
School and the company and platoon commanders and the color guards of the other 19 schools,
performed a formal Dress Parade culminating with a pass in review.
COL Lawrence Gonzales, USMC, BUSC member and Undersecretary of Operations, California
Department of Veterans Affairs gave an inspiring speech to the cadets. The whole ceremony was
well done in a sound display of skills and leadership by the cadets.

LCOL McDonald Narrates the Ceremony

Troops Pass in Review

BUSC Members

LTC Macnamara USA & COL Gonzales USMC

The Keynote speaker, introduced by the BUSC President, MAJ Sandor Mayuga, USAF, was COL Lawrence D. Gonzales, USMC, Undersecretary, California Department of Veterans' Affairs. Click below for a video of the address to the cadets and other videos:

 Forming Up 
 JROTC Awards Keynote Address 
 Passing in Review 
 Refreshments afterwards 

Representing BUSC at the event were COL Gonzales, Maj. Sandor Mayuga, Sqn. Ldr. Munir A. Azam, TBt., John Massie, Esq., M.B.E., Robert B. Edmonds, Esq.,M.B.E., William Dean, Esq., CAPT Lloyd N. Hoover, Basil C. Johnson, Esq., Captain Stuart Bird-Wilson, TD., Bill Taylor, Esq. and Col. Thomas P. Mahan, Jr.


Jr. R.O.T.C. Dinner
Friday, March 11th, 2011

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Reception Line
K. Smith, Mrs. Yi, C/COL Yi, Ms. Baison, Sqd Ldr Azam, SFC Onyenwe, COL Gravett, LTC McDonald, B, Johnson, C/CPT A. Moran

Mayorquin, McCasland, D. Baison, LTC McDonald

SFC Onyenwe, C/CPT Moran, COL Mahan, USAF(Ret)

Benton, MG Gravett USA (Senior Officer Present)

President Munir Azam Opening Meeting

Basil Johnson, JROTC Chairman, makes introductions

LAUSD DAI LTC Ted A. McDonald, USA (Ret)

LAUSD All City JROTC Commander C/COL Min Ji Yi

Manual Arts HS Instructor SFC B. Onyenwe USA (Ret)

Manual Arts HS 2nd Platoon Leader C/CPT A. Moran

Ms Baison attened Monroe HS
from '96 to '99. Her speech
was titled "Perspectives from
a Former Cadet: JROTC
and Its Influence in My Life".
She received a standing ovation
for her speech.

Speaker Diana Baison, JD

Cadets Perez-Limon, McCasland, Mayorquin, and Cruz

President Azam presenting Placque to Diana Baison

Cadets from Manual Arts, Monroe and Verdugo Hills
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MARCH 10, 2011

For the past 67 years, the British United Services Club "Challenge Trophy" has been proudly presented for annual competitions to JROTC Companies within High Schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District. The Trophy was first presented in 1945 and has been presented continuously since then. This year the trophy goes to Manual Arts High School.

Support of the competition is given whole-heartedly each year by the Los Angeles Unified Board of Education, the Armed Forces, and the British Consul General in Los Angeles.

The British United Services Club, a small but unique organization, was founded in 1935. It is composed of men and women who have seen service in the armed forces of the British Commonwealth of Nations, the armed forces of the United States and other allied countries, who join with their British Comrades in encouraging the spirit of friendship, mutual understanding and community service among persons who have fought side by side for the freedom of humans, world-wide.

The ceremony was directed by LTC. Ted A. McDonald, USA (Ret), Director of Army Instruction in the LAUSD. It was hosted by the Manual Arts HS Senior Army Instructor, CW4 Vernon Dayton, USA (Ret). The Toiler Battalion Cadet Commander was C/LTC Carlita Pipkins. Dignitaries present were Manual Arts High School Principal Nisha Dugal. The senior member present from the BUSC was MG Peter J. Gravett, USA (Ret).

Squadron Leader Munir Azam introduced the JROTC guest speaker and Reviewing Officer, COL.Blanche Gravett of the California National Guard. Her speech is given here:

BUSC Remarks at Manual Arts High School
March 9, 2011 By
COL (Ret) Blanche Gravett

Ms Dugal, Principal of Manual Arts High School

Lieutenant Colonel Mc Donald, Coordinator of JROTC Programs, L.A. Unified School District

Squadron Leader Munir Azam, President, British United Services Club (Founded in 1935)

Mr. Basil Johnson, Esquire, JROTC Coordinator, British United Services Club (Founded in 1935)

Students of Manual Arts High School

And especially to the JROTC Cadets assembled here on the field, Good Morning…

I was honored to have been asked to provide remarks today for a number of reasons….

First, for many years I have been a supporter of the JROTC Program and today provides me one more opportunity to honor you fine cadets standing here on the “Toilers” Athletic Field at Manual Arts High School.

Second; as a graduate of Los Angeles High School I am delighted to see that the JROTC Program continues to mold young students as our future leaders as it has done since my high school years.

And finally, as a Los Angeles Unified School District educator while simultaneously serving my country in the US military as a reserve officer I have seen firsthand the value of these programs on students.

As BUSC members we all thank you for your service to your various schools and to your community. You are role models to the community as a whole and those of you who have younger brothers or sisters at home, you are role models to them. Your parents are just as proud of you as we are proud of you for participating in JROTC.

JROTC members know that participation in this program is not preparation for service in the military, it is preparation for the next chapter in your lives whether it be college, trade school, your first fulltime job or in fact it could very well be the military.

Whatever your next chapter is just know that your participation in JROTC has, in part, prepared you.

All of you who are in this program are special, very special. You are special because you have been taught leadership skills and discipline, you are special because you have been taught to take responsibility for your actions and deeds while participating in JROTC. You are also special because your individual grades have risen proportionate to your JROTC activities. You are very special because your high school graduation rate is more than double that of your fellow students not participating in a JROTC Program.

Although I am considered the first Woman Reviewing Officer for this event, I certainly will not be the last because one of you female cadets perhaps will someday stand where I am today.

As I look out among you I feel so proud that female cadets have taken their rightful places in leadership positions in JROTC, including past All-City Cadet Colonel.

Today, March 10, 2011, will always be marked in your memory. As you grow older and become adults, parents and leaders of this community, or move to another community, you will look back on this day, the day you stood in formation on the athletic field at Manual Arts High School and passed in review and saluted the flag of your country. You are all patriotic Americans who at this one point in your life wore the military service uniform of your country and for that you can always be proud.

In conclusion I want to thank the Principal and staff of Manual Arts High School, including the band, for hosting this event and your continual support of the program and I thank the British United Services Club (founded in 1935) for supporting the JROTC for over 70 years.

Once again, Thank you cadets.

Please click the link below to view photos of the Awards Ceremony:

 BUSC JROTC Awards Ceremony at Manual Arts High School