JROTC Mess Night
March 15, 2013

Monroe High School hosted this outdoor event for the BUSC to recognize the 20 Los Angeles high schools participating in this year’s Company Drill Competition – a yearly Club tradition since 1945.

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Our representatives presented awards to the JROTC units from the top three schools:  James Monroe High School -- first place in 16 of the last 17 years; Manual Arts High School -- second place; and Verdugo Hills High School -- third place. The cadet assembly was led by Monroe High School’s full marching company, supported by the full complements of Manual Arts and Verdugo Hills companies, and followed by the commanders and color guards of the 19 other competing units over the city. Our BUSC representatives presented streamers and individual awards and clusters to the top three units. The Reviewing Official, LTC Marc R. Breslow, US Army (Ret), LAUSD’s JROTC Senior Army Instructor at La Palma’s Kennedy High School, presented an inspiring speech to the cadets. Monroe High School’s JROTC then led the assembly in a traditional pass-in-review. The entire ceremony was a solid display of cadet leadership and formation skills

Proudly representing the BUSC were: Maj. Sandor X. Mayuga; Sqn. Ldr. Munir A. Azam, TBt.; John Massie, Esq. M.B.E.; Robert B. Edmonds, Esq. M.B.E.; Capt. Stuart R. Bird-Wilson, TD.; William L. Dean, Esq.; CAPT Lloyd N. Hoover; Basil C. Johnson, Esq.; Capt. Ronald B. Samuels and Col. Thomas P. Mahan, Jr.

Attendance at the 2013 JROTC Mess Night was sixty total -- 21 Members, 14 guests, 20 Cadets, three instructors and the Principal with his wife -- attended our Mess Night to celebrate the success of the top three schools in this year’s JROTC Company Drill Competition.

In addition to our Members’ guests, our honored guests included:  LT COL Ted McDonald - LAUSD’s Chief of the JROTC Program, Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Rosas – Principal and wife of the winning Monroe High School, All-City Cadet Colonel Diana Torres from Manual Arts High School, and the instructors, cadet commanders, platoon leaders and guidon bearers from Monroe High School, Manual Arts High School, and Verdugo Hills High School.

LTC Marc R. Breslow, US Army (Ret) gave an enthusiastic motivational message for the evening -- well received by the entire group. LTC Breslow cited examples from his own career to relate how his JROTC and ROTC training in character and leadership skills prepared him for success in life and in the US Army.

Many thanks to those sponsoring cadets and staff for the evening: Norm Crawford, Norm Auslander, Ron Samuels, Bob Edmonds, Basil Johnson, Sandor Mayuga, Bob Lawson, Larry Gonzales, Gary Macnamara, Jess Carranza, Keith Smith, John Massie, Henry Gill III, Charles Hooker, Dennis Pontefract, Lloyd Hoover, Bob Barnard, Andrew Strauss, Michael McGhee, Tom Mahan and Munir Azam.

Port donations for the evening were courtesy of: Maj. Keith Smith, John Massie, Esq. M.B.E. and Basil Johnson, Esq.

See all the pictures from the 2013 JROTC Mess Night here.