British United
Services Club
of Los Angeles

Meetings 2013

Christmas Dinner
Friday, December 13th, 2013

President Sandor Mayuga opens the dinner party

Opera-Kadabra Baritone-Magician Patrick Bell

This year’s entertainment featured Opera-Kadabra, starring baritone and magician Patrick Bell in his widely renowned one-man live performance combining classic operatic renditions with good old-fashioned slight-of-hand. Patrick's incredible performance mixed humor with great holiday spirit as he also seemlessly integrated--and led--our annual chorus of traditional Christmas carols.

Click on the collage above to see random photos taken during the evening. If members or guests have any personal photos of the evening that they would like to have added to these, please send them to the webmaster via email to webmaster@buscinfo.com.

78th Annual Ball
Saturday, 9 November 2013

Sixty-one Members and guests enjoyed our 78h Annual Ball soiree at the Altadena Town & Country Club. Our thanks to Piper Cindi Macintosh for piping our Members and Guests during the Dinner and Port toasts. The smooth program of the musical ensemble Rebecca, Kevin and Charlie facilitated an excellent evening of dancing. The ensemble provided Las Vegas-style musical entertainment and a wonderful mix of our favorites for dancing.

Our Annual Ball Committee -- Robert B. Edmonds, Esq., MBE., with the help of the Executive Committee -- set the stage with a solid teamwork and attention-to-detail. The Executive Committee passes a hearty “Thank you” to all Members and guests for attending this evening. It was as special and enjoyable as everyone had hoped.

Port for the evening was made possible by the generosity of: Maj. Sandor Mayuga; COL Fred Darley; Mrs. Irene Blore; Donald J. Cameron, Esq. and Charles Coulombe, Esq.

Donations for the beautiful centerpieces, wine and entertainment were from: Mrs. Irene Blore; Joy Tierney; Robert B. Edmonds, Esq., MBE.; Basil C. Johnson, Esq.; Brian Gray, Esq.; 1LT Robert M. Lawson, Jr.; Peter C.T. Creamer, Esq.; COL Fred W. Darley, Lt. Cdr. Scott E. Wilson and Col. Thomas P. Mahan, Jr.

Navy Night
Friday, 18 October 2013

Traditionally this is a night at which members of the Navies of Great Britain, the United States and other allied countries are honored.

To see photos from the 2013 Navy Night please click on the collage above.
Navy Night -- Commemorating the Battle of Trafalgar October 18, 2013.

Forty members and guests heard a special message by our speaker David Warburton, OBE. He presented his unique medical professional insights into the health of Admiral Nelson -- the British naval commander and national hero, famous for his naval victories against the French during the Napoleonic Wars.

In addition to enjoying the excellent, research-based presentation on Lord Nelson, we particularly enjoyed the anecdotes of his late father¡¦s service on the HMS Stonecrop hunting U-Boats in the North Atlantic and the tot of RN rum David provided all was just the right catalyst.

Editorial: Although David minimized the HMS Stonecrop's service, his father's ship saw a great deal of action protecting the vital convoys from 1941 to 1945, and was a valuable member of Captain F. Johnnie Walker's team of U-Boat killers. Sonar, Captain Walker & Enigma were the three main things that saved Britain from losing the Battle of the Atlantic. German U-Boat crews celebrated 1943 as "The Happy Times" when they had nearly choked off Britain and were about to bring her to her knees. Many people do not know how close Britain was to losing the war during this very crucial battle.

David's quick wit combined with his innate ability to speak, his medical perspective, and his understanding of the Admiral¡¦s impressive ability to lead sailors and direct his fleet, made for an extremely enjoyable presentation. We all shared a taste of rum from a bottle of Nelson's blood in a toast to the immortal memory. Well done!!

A special thanks to Michael J. McGhee, Esq. for piping the head table into position and for piping the Port.

Thank you David for a wonderful presentation, and thanks to the Membership for turning out so well.

Port for the evening was generously donated by:
-- Irene Blore, in memory of her late husband Lt. Eric Blore, Royal Navy Air Fleet, who served the Club as Vice President
-- David Warburton, OBE
-- COL Lawrence Gonzales, USMC
-- Capt. Frank Alvidrez, USMC
-- Thomas F. Roedl, Esq.

Air Force
Friday, 20 September 2013

Traditionally this is a night at which members of the Air Forces of Great Britain, the United States and other allied countries are honored.

To see photos from the 2013 Air Force Night please click on the collage above.
Air Force Night – September 20, 2013 – the Hypersonic World – Today and Tomorrow.

At Air Force Night 38 Club members (29) and guests (9) heard USAF Lt. Col. Tim “Boomer” Jorris, Director of the Hypersonic Combined Test Force at Edwards Air Force Base, give an overview of hypersonic vehicles in general, with his experiences of recent on the X-51 Program. With his impressive background in engineering and flight test, and his strong communications skills, he held our attentions well.

A hearty “Thank You” to the following Air Force veterans for their generous donations for Presidential Port: Col. Tom Mahan, Sqn. Ldr. Munir A. Azam, T.Bt. (who sourced the el Presidente Port), Lt. Col. Dale Stephens, Group Captain Bob Khalsa, Maj. Sandor X. Mayuga, Michael Gregory, Esq. and Ian Skone-Rees, Esq.

A special thanks to Reynold Cindrich, Esq.; Norman Auslander, Esq.; and Ian Skone-Rees, Esq. for displayed vintage, authentic Army and Air Force uniforms, insignia and pictures/photos and especially Peter Candelin’s design of the poster commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Battle of Britain.

These displays stimulated a lot of good discussion among the Membership -- an excellent addition to our evening.

Past Presidents Night
Friday, 19 July 2013

On this night, Past Presidents of the Club are honored and remembered for their leadership over the past 78 years.

To see photos from the 2013 Past Presidents' Night please click on the collage above.
25 members and 2 guests attended Past Presidents Night on 7/19/13 to hear a very interesting presentation by 1LT Henry Gill, III - one of our own. Our speaker held us spellbound with details of the preparations and execution of the Amiens Bombing Mission on February 18, 1944. He related how an urgent and desperate tasking came for a low level, precision bombing raid on the prison. The objective of the raid was to free Allied prisoners held by the Gestapo in this northern France prison. Several captives held D-day invasion secrets, and the Gestapo planned to execute a large number the next day. There were three waves of RAAF, RNZAF and RAF Mosquitoes in the coordinated prison attack. Winter weather was bad, but the execution forced a launch. The delivery of 500 lb. bombs had to be precise to delay nearby reinforcements, to kill or degrade Gestapo prison guards having lunch in the mess building. Bombs had to impact the main prison walls, breach escape holes, and spring other doors – all without the destroying the residence cell buildings to minimize danger to the Allied captives. There were over 700 inmates in the prison and loss of life was inevitable, but the risks were deemed worth it to protect D-Day secrets and to give condemned prisoners a chance to escape and live. Only the DeHavilland Mosquitos -- "The Wooden Wonder" -- of RAF No.140 Wing could accomplish this seemingly impossible mission.

We tip our hats to 1LT Gill for an exciting reliving of the build-up to and the execution of this brazen attack by a three waves of RAAF, RNZAF and RAF Mosquitoes.

Port for Past Presidents Night was generously donated by Flt. Lt. Robert Reynolds, RAF, President in 1961; Dorothy Beauchamp, in memory of her late father, Fred A. Cooper, Esq., who was president of the Club in 1955; and Robert B. Edmonds, Esq., MBE, The Queens Royal Surrey Regiment, 5-Time President [1989, 1995, 2000, 2009 & 2010}.

Army Night
Friday, 21 June 2013

Traditionally this is a night at which members of the armies of Great Britain, the United States and other allied countries are honored.

To see photos from the 2013 Army Night please click on the collage above.

Army Night -- June 21, 2013. Flying the Boeing CH-47D Chinook Helicopter in Afghanistan – 2012. Twenty-four members and guests listened to the interesting tales by US Army Chief Warrant Officer 4 Richard J. Santa Maria of the challenges of helicopter operations in support of Operation Enduring Freedom - Afghanistan. CW4 Santa Maria related the story of his deployment, employment and redeployment with emphasis on the tasks in theater. We all appreciated the look into the missions of supporting our troops and objectives in this foreign land. Be sure and thank CWO4 Santa Maria next time you see him.

Port for Army Night was generously donated by Robert B. Edmonds Esq., MBE.; George J. Betzler, Esq.; Maj. Gen. Peter J. Gravett; 1LT Robert M. Lawson; Harry B. Dickinson, Esq.; COL William L. Erwin and COL Jess Carranza, Jr.

Vice Presidents Night
17 May 2013

Vice President Bob Edmonds presides at the 2013 Vice Presidents Night.

On Vice Presidents Night, we honor all our vice presidents who have faithfully served the Club since its founding in 1935. On this special night, we were honored to have former and current vice presidents at the head table. Vice President Bob Edmunds was at the podium to open and officiate at the meeting.

Lieutenant Colonel Kathryn "Fog" Hughes (L) and Colonel Lars Hoffman (R) delivered a rare joint briefing on the unique aeromedical and operational characteriscs of the Air Force's legendary U-2 "Dragon Lady."

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Ladies Night
Friday, 19 April 2013

President Sandy Mayuga opens Ladies' Night.
President Sandor X. Mayuga, Maj. USAF

Ladies Night has always been special and this year was no exception. Members and guests enjoyed the traditional toast to the ladies offered by Major James Thigpen, and Pamela Harmell, Ph.D. who delivered the ladies' response. The chef and staff of the Altadena Town & Country Club ATCC provided a wonderful dinner. The Executive Committee deserves a big Thank You for the extra work and attention-to-detail to make this Ladies Night an event to remember.

Major James Thigpen, USA
Major Jim Thigpen, USA, presents a toast to the Ladies, and Pamela Harmell, Ph.D. responds.
Pamela Harmell, Ph.D.

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JROTC Mess Night
March 15, 2013

Monroe High School hosted this outdoor event for the BUSC to recognize the 20 Los Angeles high schools participating in this year’s Company Drill Competition – a yearly Club tradition since 1945.

 Click here to see the program video of JROTC Night. 

Click on collage above to see event photos.

Our representatives presented awards to the JROTC units from the top three schools:  James Monroe High School -- first place in 16 of the last 17 years; Manual Arts High School -- second place; and Verdugo Hills High School -- third place. The cadet assembly was led by Monroe High School’s full marching company, supported by the full complements of Manual Arts and Verdugo Hills companies, and followed by the commanders and color guards of the 19 other competing units over the city. Our BUSC representatives presented streamers and individual awards and clusters to the top three units. The Reviewing Official, LTC Marc R. Breslow, US Army (Ret), LAUSD’s JROTC Senior Army Instructor at La Palma’s Kennedy High School, presented an inspiring speech to the cadets. Monroe High School’s JROTC then led the assembly in a traditional pass-in-review. The entire ceremony was a solid display of cadet leadership and formation skills

Proudly representing the BUSC were: Maj. Sandor X. Mayuga; Sqn. Ldr. Munir A. Azam, TBt.; John Massie, Esq. M.B.E.; Robert B. Edmonds, Esq. M.B.E.; Capt. Stuart R. Bird-Wilson, TD.; William L. Dean, Esq.; CAPT Lloyd N. Hoover; Basil C. Johnson, Esq.; Capt. Ronald B. Samuels and Col. Thomas P. Mahan, Jr.

Attendance at the 2013 JROTC Mess Night was sixty total -- 21 Members, 14 guests, 20 Cadets, three instructors and the Principal with his wife -- attended our Mess Night to celebrate the success of the top three schools in this year’s JROTC Company Drill Competition.

In addition to our Members’ guests, our honored guests included:  LT COL Ted McDonald - LAUSD’s Chief of the JROTC Program, Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Rosas – Principal and wife of the winning Monroe High School, All-City Cadet Colonel Diana Torres from Manual Arts High School, and the instructors, cadet commanders, platoon leaders and guidon bearers from Monroe High School, Manual Arts High School, and Verdugo Hills High School.

LTC Marc R. Breslow, US Army (Ret) gave an enthusiastic motivational message for the evening -- well received by the entire group. LTC Breslow cited examples from his own career to relate how his JROTC and ROTC training in character and leadership skills prepared him for success in life and in the US Army.

Many thanks to those sponsoring cadets and staff for the evening: Norm Crawford, Norm Auslander, Ron Samuels, Bob Edmonds, Basil Johnson, Sandor Mayuga, Bob Lawson, Larry Gonzales, Gary Macnamara, Jess Carranza, Keith Smith, John Massie, Henry Gill III, Charles Hooker, Dennis Pontefract, Lloyd Hoover, Bob Barnard, Andrew Strauss, Michael McGhee, Tom Mahan and Munir Azam.

Port donations for the evening were courtesy of: Maj. Keith Smith, John Massie, Esq. M.B.E. and Basil Johnson, Esq.

See all the pictures from the 2013 JROTC Mess Night here.

President's Inaugural Dinner
February 15, 2013

This night is the introduction of the new Club President and the Executive Committee to the members. It acknowledges the the work performed by the immediate past President and his committee.

Major Sandor X. Mayuga, USAF, 2013 President

The President’s Inaugural Dinner was held on February 15, 2013 at the A.T.C.C. Forty-five members and guests enjoyed this open mess night of 2013. Our Guest Speaker, CAPT Don Elshire, USNR, related some of his civilian and military experiences as a trauma and vascular surgeon assigned worldwide in the US Navy Medical Corps. He discussed MEDEVAC capabilities and immediate care of the wounded, hot off the battlefield to his surgical unit located close to the action in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Click here and here to see the photographs from this year's Inaugural Dinner.

Annual General Meeting
January 11, 2013

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) was chaired by President Sandor Mayuga. Reviewing the past year, the officers and executive committee members reported their activities and status. Copies of the reports were provided. (See links below.) Details will be provided in the February Bulletin:

Newly elected BUSC Officers for 2013:

President -- Maj. Sandor X. Mayuga, USAF
Vice President -- Robert B. Edmonds, Esq., MBE
Honorary Treasurer -- COL Fred Darley, USA
Honorary Secretary -- Col. Thomas P. Mahan, Jr., USAF

Executive Committee:

Immediate Past President -- Sqn. Ldr. Munir A. Azam, T.Bt.
One Year Term -- Michael J. Gregory, Esq. RAF
One Year Term -- John Massie, Esq., MBE
Two Year Term -- Basil Johnson, Esq.
Two Year Term -- Major James Thigpen, USAF, USA (Ret)

 Click here to see more photos from this year's AGM 

There were 31 attendees.

Alvidrez F. Auslander N. Azam M. Barnard R.
Benton J. Bird -Wilson S. Bristow P. Cameron D.
Cindrich R. Darley F. Dickinson H. Edmonds R. MBE.
Gill H. Gonzales L. Gregory M. Hoover L.
Hughes K. Johnson B. Lund S. Macnamara G
Mahan T. Massie J. MBE Mayuga S McGhee M.
Samuels R. Skone-Rees I. Smith K. Maj. Stead C
Taylor W. Warburton D. Wilson R.

The 2013 AGM Report
Click here for the consolidated 2013 AGM Report containing:
President's Report
Membership Report
JROTC Report
Audited Financial Report