British United
Services Club
of Los Angeles

Meetings 2012

Christmas Dinner
Friday, December 14th, 2012

President Sandor Mayuga opens the dinner party

Our traditional Family Christmas Dinner featured the Altadena Town and Country Club's turkey dinner with all the trimmings, wine and genuine British crackers. There was singing of traditional Christmas carols under the direction of Basil Johnson, with pianist Nancy Dee back by popular demand to furnish Christmas music throughout the evening.

Nancy Dee at the piano

Following are some random photos taken during the evening. If members or guests have any personal photos of the evening that they would like to have added to these, please send them to the webmaster via email to BUSCinfo@aol.com.

Annual Ball
Saturday, 17 November 2012

Fifty-four Members and guests enjoyed our 77th Annual Ball soiree at the Altadena Town & Country Club. The musical ensemble of Rebecca Holden, Kevin Sasaki and Charlie Harrison playing a wonderful mix of our favorites was perfect for dancing. The group also did an excellent job of bringing us a Las Vegas-style musical show. This was an excellent evening of camaraderie, dining and dancing.

Our Annual Ball Committee -- Robert B. Edmonds, Esq., MBE and Basil C. Johnson, Esq. -- set the stage with solid teamwork and attention-to-detail.

Port for the evening was made possible by the generosity of the following: Maj. Sandor Mayuga; Col. Fred Darley; Mrs. Irene Blore; Robert Huth, Esq.; J. Paul Pleasant, Esq.; and Charles Coulombe, Esq. Donations for the beautiful centerpieces, wine and entertainment were from Mrs. Irene Blore; Robert B. Edmonds, Esq., MBE; Basil C. Johnson, Esq.; Lt. Ted Lawson; Fit. Lt. Robert Reynolds; Kenneth G. Smith, Esq.; Michael J. Gregory, Esq.; Col. Fred Darley and Maj. Sandor Mayuga.
Below are just some of the great photos of this year's attending couples.
Please click here to see Munir Azam's complete album of photos from this year's Annual Ball.
Navy Night
Friday, 19 October 2012


Following up our Navy Night / Trafalgar Day dinner briefing, click here to see the video of Captain Jim Mottern's entire presentation, courtesy of Ian Skone Rees.

By tradition, our October Mess Nights honor the Royal Navy and all allied navies by commemorating the fortitude and gallantry of Her Majesty's Naval forces at the Battle of Trafalgar.

HMS Victory at Trafalgar and Rear Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson
Head Table Leading the Silent Toast to

Nelson was a devout Christian.  He said his prayers every day and as the Victory sailed into battle at Trafalgar he was on his knees writing the famous prayer, which is still read out every Trafalgar day:

May the Great God whom I worship, grant to my Country and for the benefit of Europe in general an great and glorious victory; and may no misconduct in anyone tarnish it; and may humanity after victory be the predominant feature of the British Fleet. For myself individually I commit my life to Him who made me and may his blessing alight upon my endeavours for serving my Country faithfully. To Him I resign myself and the just cause which is entrusted to me to defend. Amen, Amen, Amen.

The Immortal Memory Toast is drunk in total silence, out of respect to the memory of the Admiral.
'The Death of Nelson' 1859-64, by Daniel Maclise (1806-70)
Captain James Mottern accepts the BUSC shadow box patch from BUSC President Sandy Mayuga on the occasion of his presentation,
From the Battle of Trafalgar to the Meat Grinder of the WWII Pacific
Captain James Mottern, USN (Ret)
Captain Mottern served on a WWII-built destroyer in the Pacific and after two deployments to Vietnam was the Atlantic Fleet Gunnery Training Officer at Naval Station Guantánamo (GTMO). As a reserve navy officer  he commanded four naval reserve units and graduated from the US Naval War College Strategy and Policy Course. In civilian life Jim was a partner with Ernst & Young LLP and now specializes in large IT projects serving as an expert witness.
For this year's Navy Night Captain Mottern helped us to celebrate the spirit of Trafalgar with his coverage of a much different campaign - 137 years later in the black of the night in a remote part of the southwest Pacific 3,500 nautical miles from Pearl Harbor. His presentation highlighted the similarities and differences of early WWII Pacific surface combat with Nelson's epic victory off Cabo de Trafalgar on October 21, 1805.
Download a copy of Capt Mottern's presentation here.
Dr. David Warburton is inducted and presented with membership credentials by Major Sandor Mayuga.
Major Keith Smith, USAF (Ret) accepts the presents of his membership in BUSC.
Frank Alvidrez, Jr. (USMC) with his father, Frank Alvidrez, Sr. (USN) as guest.
Reception and greetings in the Ante Room, 2012 Navy Night
Norm Crawford and Lloyd Hoover
Basil Johnson and Norman Auslander
Doug "Paco" Holmes, Neil "Stub" Kacena, Frank Alvidrez, Sr., Jess Carranza, Munir Azam, "Fast" Frank Alvidrez, Jr.
Frank Alvidrez, Sr. and Jess Carranza
Stub, Zipper, Paco, and, well... Keith
Harry Dickinson and Dr. John Benton
Bob Lawson
Lloyd Hoover and Steve Lund
Messrs McTaggart, Thigpen, Dickinson and Smith
Frank Alvidrez, Sr. and Dr. John Benton
Creamer, McTaggart, Mayuga, Skone-Rees
Peter Creamer, Ian Skone-Rees
Basil Johnson, Norm Crawford, Norman Auslander
Lloyd Hoover is honored for his many years' service as Webmaster for the BUSC website.
2012 Navy Night
There were 34 attendees: 29 members, 4 guests, and 1 speaker.
Alvidrez Auslander Azam Benton
Carranza Cindrich Crawford Creamer
Darley Dickinson Edmonds Gray
Holmes Hoover Johnson Lawson
Lund Macnamara Mahan Massie
Mayuga McTaggart Scone-Rees Thigpen
Alvidrez, Sr., guest of Alvidrez, Jr. Kacena, guest of Mahan Smith, guest of Mahan Warburton, guest of Skone-Rees
Speaker: CAPT Mottern

Air Force Night
Friday, 21 September 2012


Following up our Sep F-35 briefing, click here to read the official U.S. Air Force announcement of the first weapons-release test using the reliable JDAM (more on JDAM). 

Click here to see video of the F-35 JDAM test release.
And just added:
Click here to see the video of Major "Doc" Schultz's entire presentation, courtesy of Ian Skone Rees.
By tradition, our September Mess Nights honor the Royal Air Force and all allied air forces by commemorating the fortitude and gallantry of “… the few” at the Battle of Britain.

This year's Air Force Night guest speaker, Maj. Eric “Doc” Schultz, USAF, visiting us from the U.S. Air Force Flight Test Center, Edwards AFB spoke to us about the 21st Century’s successor to the “Spitfire,” “Hurricane” and the original “Lightning” – the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II.

Major "Doc" Schultz, Sandy Mayuga
Guest Speaker Major Eric "Doc" Schultz (left), test pilot in the USAF F-35 development program, is presented with the BUSC plaque by Maj. Sandor Mayuga, President.

Since 1991 Major "Doc" Schultz has accumulated over 1800 flying hours in 40 different aircraft types from locations around the world. He is currently an F-35 Test Pilot and the program’s Director of Integrated Test & Evaluation at Edwards AFB. In his flying and prior civilian career he carried out research, development, test and evaluation on fighter aircraft, shipboard rotorcraft, hypervelocity launchers, detonation wave physics, advanced aerospace propulsion technology and the airborne laser.

A well published professional, he holds a Masters of Business Administration, a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering, a Masters of Science in Aerospace Engineering, a Masters of Science in Flight Test Engineering, and a Doctorate of Philosophy in Aerospace Engineering. Among his many honors and recognitions, in 2006 he was named one of Ten Outstanding Young Americans for academic accomplishment, scientific and technological contributions, and government service.

Major "Doc" Schultz provided an engrossing review the F-35 program’s design philosophy, the system’s capabilities, some of the flight test results, along with a summary of current program challenges.

"Doc" Schultz in the F-35 Cockpit
Dr. Warburton (Guest), Bird-Wilson, Scone-Rees
Marv Nelson and John Benton
Henry Gill & Steve Lund
Lt.Col. Dale Stephens and Sandy Mayuga
"Doc" Schultz & Stuart Bird-Wilson
Don Cameron and Munir Azam
Jess Carranza and Laurie Clayton
Taylor, Edmonds, Cindrich, Massie
Tom Mahan, "Doc" Schultz, Ed Von Lefren, Robert Bernard, Brian Gray
Another fine display of vintage US Army Air Corps, US Army Air Force and US Air Force uniforms by Reynold Cindrich
BUSC Memorabilia
A hearty “Thank You” to the following Air Force veterans for their generous donations for Port: Col. Harry Talbot and Maj. Sandor X. Mayuga.

Special thanks to Reynold Cindrich, Esq. for enhancing our Air Force evenings with his display of vintage Air Force uniforms – excellent collection with a lot of attention to details.

2012 Air Force Night
There were 32 attendees: 26 members, 5 guests, and 1 speaker.
Azam Benton Bird-Wilson Cameron
Carranza Cindrich Clayton Coulombe
Darley Dickinson Edmonds Gill
Gray Hoover Johnson Lawson
Lund Mahan Mayuga Roedl
Skone-Rees Stephens Strauss Taylor
Turner Von Leffern Bristow, guest of Gill Nelson, guest of Skone-Rees
Warburton, guest of Skone-Rees Stanley, guest of Skone-Rees Bernard, guest of Skone-Rees
Schultz, Speaker

Past Presidents Night
Friday, 20 July 2012

On this night, Past Presidents of the Club are honored and remembered for their leadership over the past 77 years.

Head Table
Johnson, Speaker Hughes, President Mayuga, Edmonds, Smith, Azam, and Bird-Wilson

Our speaker Lt. Col. Kathryn Hughes, USAF, Air Force Academy '88, currently is Commander of the Aerospace Medical Squadron, one of the three squadrons for the 95th Medical Group at Edwards AFB, CA. Her areas of responsibility span dental health, public health, bio-environmental engineering, wellness programs, flight and operational medicine, and support for aviation missions. She also is a USAF Command Pilot and Senior Flight Surgeon with over 3000 flight hours -- one of the few pilot physicians in the USAF. She served as the Senior Medical Officer/Pilot on exchange with the Royal Air Force Center of Aviation Medicine at RAF Henlow, UK.

Kathryn's topic was a review of the career of Distinguished RAF Medical Officer/Pilot Sir Goeffrey Dhenin. He served in the RAF as a medical officer and pilot from 1938 until he retired as the Director-General Medical Services in 1978. Sir Geoffrey is the recipient of the St. George's Medal and was honored as Knight Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire. In particular, he saved the lives of many wounded soldiers after the Normandy landings by arranging procedures to send the wounded back to the UK for hospitalization in transport aircraft that were returning empty after delivering supplies.

There were seven guests plus the speaker and the welcoming of a new member. Additionally, Ian Skone-Rees recorded with his video camera. The joint efforts of Munir Azam and the webmaster resulted in selecting 43 images for presentation as a slide show. (They can be downloaded to your computer using copy and paste.)

 Click here for slideshow of photos of Past Presidents Night 
 Click here for Video of Kathyrn Hughes' talk (new 8/12/12) 

There were 34 attendees: 26 members, 7 guests, and the speaker.

Auslander Azam Bird-Wilson Crawford
Creamer Darley Dickinson Edmonds
Gill Holmes Hoover Horton
Johnson Khalsa Lawson Lund
Macnamara Mahan Mayuga McGhee
Skone-Rees Smith Stephens Thigpen
VonLeffern Wilson Bristow, guest of Gill Smith, guest of Mahan
Warburton, guest of Skone-Rees Finlay, guest of Skone-Rees Tom, guest of Skone-Rees Barnard, guest of VonLeffern
Conrad, guest of Thigpen Hughes, Speaker


Army Night
Friday, 15 June 2012

Traditionally this is a night at which members of the armies of Great Britain, the United States and other allied countries are honored.

Army Members at Head Table
Johnson, P.McLeroy, W.McLeroy, Pres.Mayuga, Lawson, Schilling, Carranza, Macnamara

Our Guest speaker was Command Sergeant Major William D. McLeroy, U.S. Army

CSM William D. McLeroy entered the military in 1980; completed Marine Corps Basic training at the
Marine Corps Recruit Depot, in San Diego CA and Engineer MOS training at Camp Le June, NC. His
overseas tours include: Okinawa, Japan; Pohang, Korea; Camp Dakota, Honduras; Kaiserslautern, Germany;
Pesaro, Italy; Camp Humphrey, Korea; Seoul, Korea; and his combat tour Operation Iraqi freedom 2003,
Baghdad Iraq. He currently is in his 22nd year of service as a Firefighter/driver with the San Diego Federal
Fire Department. Recognitions include: the First Professional Amputee firefighter in the United States,
Firefighter of the Year 1996, and First Amputee Soldier to serve in combat in Iraq.
In 1993, then Master Sgt. William "Bud" McLeroy lost his left leg in a racing accident when he stepped out
of his car and was hit by another driver on a racecourse. Though the injury was serious, then Master Sgt.
McLeroy didn't let the loss of his leg become a roadblock. Ten years later, he became the first amputee in the
Army to deploy in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. It was during this tour of duty in Iraq in 2003 that
then Master Sgt. McLeroy, with the 315th Psychological Operations Company, faced another injury.
Approximately six months into the deployment, gunfire erupted outside the compound where he was staying.
While he and fellow soldiers were carrying wounded civilians to safety Master Sgt. McLeroy sustained
serious injury to his abdomen and back. He was evacuated and spent several months recovering.
In 2004, Master Sgt. McLeroy transitioned from Active Duty to the Army Reserve where he continues to
challenge himself. He skydives regularly and for the past few years has commemorated the loss of his leg by
competing in a triathlon.
CSM McLeroy resides in his native San Diego, CA. with wife Tina. Accompanying him to this event is his
youngest son Philip, an Army Special Forces soldier supporting the Commanding General in a PsyOps Battalion at Los Alamitos Joint Training Base.

Please click on the links below for a video of CSM McLeroy's talk:

 Army Part 1 
   Army Part 2 
   Army Part 3 

Jess Carranza and Bill Taylor

Schilling, Macnamara, McTaggart, and Coulombe

Ian Scone-Rees and Guest Dr. David Warburton

Macnamara, McTggart and Dickinson

Jim Thigpen and Keith Smith, guest

Reception Line

CSM McLeroy looks over Cindrich uniform display

Pres Mayuga & new member LCol Donald Schilling USA

Harry Dickinson and Lloyd Hoover

Bird (gst) , Skone-Rees, Auslander, Benton, Mayuga

Command Sergeant Major William McLeroy speaks

Gary Macnamara, McLetoy and Sandy Mayuga

"Retire to the anteroom" Roedl, Warburton,Coulombe

There were 27 attendees: 21 members, 4 guests, and 2 speakers.



Vice Presidents Night
Friday, 18 May 2012

On Vice Presidents Night, we honor all our vice presidents who have faithfully served the Club since its founding in 1935. On this special night, we were honored to have six former and current vice presidents at the head table. Vice President Basil Johnson was at the podium to open and officiate at the meeting.

Head Table
Mayuga, Bird-Wilson, Mahan, Johnson, Auslander, Azam, Edmonds, Creamer

Thomas P. Mahan, Jr., Colonel USAF (Ret) was the speaker. His topic was Worldwide F-104 Starfighter Operations. His talk gave an overview of the unique capabilities of the F-104. His talk reviewed the capabilities of the stiletto-like aircraft, the number of planes built, the variations, and the countries that employed the fighter. He discussed how the system was used effectively in 15 countries over the world, with emphasis on his own experience of flying the single-seat fighter for six years and over 1600 flight hours. (Links on YouTube and a Power Point for his talk are given below for those who could not make the meeting.)

 F-104 Part 1 
   F-104 Part 2 
   F-104 Part 3 

 F-104 Power Point Presentation 

Socializing before the meeting

Reynold Cindrich, Jess Carranza, Bob Wilson

Dick Hoover (guest),Skone-Rees,Auslander,Alvidrez

CAPT Hoover,USN (Ret) & son, former LT USN Hoover

Reception Line in action

Reception Line

VP Johnson welcomes new member Norman Auslander

Bob Cashman, Guest of Jim Thigpen

Robert Barnard, guest of Ed VonLeffern

There were 28 attendees: 25 members and 3 guests.

Bob CASHMAN (guest of Thigpen) Robert BARNARD (VonLeffern's guest) Dick HOOVER, former LT USN(Guest of Hoover)


Ladies Night
Friday, 20 April 2012

President Sandy Mayuga opens Ladies' Night.
President Sandor X. Mayuga, Maj. USAF

Ladies Night has always been special and this year was no exception. Fifty-three members and
guests enjoyed the traditional toast to the ladies offered by Captain Frank Alvidrez, and LT LJ Fay,
USNR presented a feisty ladies’ response. The chef and staff of the Altadena Town & Country Club
ATCC provided a wonderful dinner. Under the leadership of Robert Edmonds, Esq., MBE, the
Executive Committee deserves a big Thank You for the extra work and attention-to-detail to make
this Ladies Night an event to remember.

Capt Frank "Fast" Alvidrez, USMC
Capt Frank Alvidrez, USMC, presents a toast to the Ladies, and LT Laura "LJ" Fay USNR responds -- a repartee of wit and witticisms, of point and counterpoint, of one-upmanship and one-upswomanship!!

Deloris Mayuga
Bouquets were presented: by Robert B. Edmonds, MBE, to Deloris Mayuga (left), and by Col. Fred Darley to LT Laura "LJ" Fay (right).

New member Norman L. Auslander and wife Carol

Members and Guests Attending

 Click here for a full page slideshow of Ladies' Night photos taken by Munir Azam.and edited by the Webmaster. 


The 68th Annual
Challenge Trophy Competition Dinner
Friday, 16 March 2012

Head Table

 Invocation by John Massie 
 BUSC President Mayuga introduces the Head Table (click here) 

Fifty-three members and guests attended our JROTC Mess Night on March 16, 2012 to hear LTC Gary L. Macnamara, USA, USA National Guard and LAPD. LTC Macnamara related how his own JROTC and ROTC experiences provided him the character and leadership skills for success in the US Army, the National Guard and the Los Angeles Police Department. Our special guests included: LT COL Ted McDonald - LAUSD’s Chief of the JROTC Program, Mr. Tom Jones – Assistant Principal of the first place winning Monroe High School, and the instructors, cadet commanders, platoon leaders and guidon bearers from Monroe High School, Manual Arts High School, and Verdugo Hills High School. Many thanks to the many members who sponsored cadets and staff for the evening.

Gill, McDonald, Thigpen, Scott, and Dayton

Benton, Alvirez, Thigpen, Gill, and Mahan

Cadets from Monroe,Manual Arts,& Verdugo Hills HSs

Magdaleno, Mujica and Dayton

C/COL Mendoza

C/LTC McCasland

JROTC Perpetual Trophy with Asst Principal T Jones

LTC Macnamara, USA, addressing the Cadets

LCOL Macnamara's talk can be viewed on YouTube in three parts by clicking on the links below:

 First ten minutes 
 Second ten minutes 
 Last five minutes 

There were 53 attendees: 21 members (listed below), 11 guests, and 21 cadets/instructors


JROTC Awards Ceremony
at James Monroe High School
March 8, 2012

Junior ROTC Awards Ceremony

This ceremony was held on March 8, 2012 at Monroe High School to recognize the 20 Los Angeles
high schools that participated in the BUSC-sponsored Company Drill Competition -- established by
the BUSC in 1945. Awards were granted to the top three schools, James Monroe High School, first
place winner for 15 of the last 16 years; Manual Arts High School, second place; and Verdugo Hills
High School, third place. The assembled cadets, comprising the full company of Monroe High
School and the company and platoon commanders and the color guards of the other 19 schools,
performed a formal Dress Parade culminating with a pass in review.
COL Lawrence Gonzales, USMC, BUSC member and Undersecretary of Operations, California
Department of Veterans Affairs gave an inspiring speech to the cadets. The whole ceremony was
well done in a sound display of skills and leadership by the cadets.

LCOL McDonald Narrates the Ceremony

Troops Pass in Review

BUSC Members

LTC Macnamara USA & COL Gonzales USMC

C/LTC Klingenfuss, COL Gonzales, Basil Johnson Esq

The Keynote speaker, introduced by the BUSC President, MAJ Sandor Mayuga, USAF, was COL Lawrence D. Gonzales, USMC, Undersecretary, California Department of Veterans' Affairs. Click below for a video of the address to the cadets and other videos:

 Forming Up 
 JROTC Awards Keynote Address 
 Passing in Review 
 Refreshments afterwards 

Representing BUSC at the event were COL Gonzales, Maj. Sandor Mayuga, Sqn. Ldr. Munir A. Azam, TBt., John Massie, Esq., M.B.E., Robert B. Edmonds, Esq.,M.B.E., William Dean, Esq., CAPT Lloyd N. Hoover, Basil C. Johnson, Esq., Captain Stuart Bird-Wilson, TD., Bill Taylor, Esq. and Col. Thomas P. Mahan, Jr.


President's Inaugural Dinner
February 17, 2012

This night is the introduction of the new Club President and the Executive Committee to the members. It acknowledges the the work performed by the immediate past President and his committee.

Head Table
Mike Gregory, Stuart Bird-Wilson, Delores & Sandor Mayuga, Robert & Thelma Edmonds, Fred & Joan Darley

Major Sandor X. Mayuga, USAF, 2012 President

Reception Line

General View of Members and Guests

The speaker for the evening was Life Honorary Member Capt. Stuart R. Bird-Wilson, TD. He delivered a detailed and well researched talk about the history of the Royal Air Force from WWI through the end of WWII. From his personal knowledge, he discussed many episodes from the life of his father, Air Vice Marshal H.A.C. "Birdie" Bird-Wilson CBE, DSO, DFC & Bar, AFC & Bar who was a British Royal Air Force ace during World War II.

Stuart's talk can be accessed at the following link:

 Bird-Wilson - 2/17/2012, Battle of Britain (4/22/2012) 

As an experimental first for this web site, Stuart's talk was recorded on an I-Pad and put into YouTube. Almost the entire talk was recorded, but YouTube permits only short segments to be shown at a time. The first 10 minutes of Stuart's talk are given below.
(Apologies for the poor quality - please remember that this is a first attempt.)

BUSC Junior ROTC Awards Ceremony will be on Thursday, March 8th at James Monroe High School

BUSC - JROTC Awards Ceremony
Basil Johnson, the JROTC Chairman, urges members to attend this event. Please click the JROTC Button on our home page to view the 2011 JROTC events. The Awards Ceremony sponsored by the BUSC is well worth attending.
Routes to James Monroe High School

There were 48 attendees, listed below:

Alvidrez Azam Benton & guest Billy
Bird-Wilson Carranza Cindrich Coulombe
Darley & guest Dickinson Dixon Edmonds & guest
Gill Gray & guest Gregory Hall
Holmes Hoover & guest Johnson & guest Lund
Macnamara Massie Mayuga & guest Pleasant & guest
Roedl Skone-Reese & guest Smith Wilson, S.
Wilson, R. & guest VonLeffern Auslander, N. (guest) Auslander, C. (guest)
Keisling (guest) Tierney (guest) Terry (guest) Leogrande (guest)
Scott (guest) Lt ? (guest)


Annual General Meeting
January 13, 2012

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) was chaired by President Munir Azam. Reviewing the past year, the officers and executive committee members reported their activities and status. Copies of the reports were provided. (See links below.) Details will be provided in the February Bulletin:

Newly elected BUSC Officers for 2012

President - Sandor Mayuga
Vice President - Basil Johnson
Secretary - Tom Mahan
Treasurer - Fred Darley

Executive Committee:
Munir Azam (Past President)
Bob Edmonds
John Massie
Ken Smith

There were 21 attendees, 18 Members and 3 Associates.
Ten Active Members were represented by Proxies.

Azam M. Benton, J. Bird-Wilson, S. Cindrich, R.
Darley, F. Dickinson, H. Edmonds, R. Gray, B.
Gregory, M. Hoover, L. Johnson, B. Lund, S.
Macnamara, G. (A) Mahan, T. Mayuga, S. McGhee, M.
Skonr-Rees, I. (A) Smith, K. Taylor, W. VonLeffern, E. (A)
Wilson, R.

See links below for AGM items:
 President's Report for 2011 
 Membership Report 
 JROTC Report 
 Audited Financial Report