British United
Services Club
of Los Angeles
Jun 4, 2015
President's Remarks for the 2015 Army Night Dinner
It is poignant this Army Night that we balance the commemoration of the 75th Anniversary of
the successful evacuation from Dunkirk with a presentation about two 19th Century engagements
– one British and one American – where the “Allies” did not fare well. No military force accepts
defeat readily, but defeats are a part of every engagement: one side “wins” and one side “loses,”
notwithstanding that, there will often be arguments about what constitutes “winning” and
“losing.” The question after any “defeat” – whether in war, politics or indeed in life -- is whether
the defeated learn from their experience, make necessary changes and adapt their strategies for
future engagements. Did the British Army learn from and make changes after their experiences
in January 1879 at Isandlwana, South Africa? And on this month’s 139th Anniversary of the
Battle of the Little Bighorn, did the Americans learn from and make changes after their
Please join us this month for what promises to be an interesting presentation about when the
“home team” doesn’t win.

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