British United
Services Club
of Los Angeles

Friday, December 11, 2015

President – Major Sandor X. Mayuga, United States Air Force Reserve

President's Message for the 2015 Family Christmas Dinner
“You should’a been there!” That’s what you’ll be hearing for years to come if you didn’t attend the BUSC’s 80th Anniversary Gala Ball – truly the BUSC’s 80th Anniversary Gala Ball was a night to remember, the likes of which has not been experienced at the Club for quite some time. It was an invigorating, fun evening energized by the exceptional Jack Lantz Little Big Band. The dance floor has never, ever been more crowded or lively. With a tip of the hat and a paraphrase of Field of Dreams, “If you play it [well], they will dance.”
The contagious enthusiasm of members and guests having a wonderful time, broad smiles and laughter, animated conversations and the development of new and closer friendships were the best evidence of the old “BUSC Spirit” of warmth, friendships and camaraderie that permeated the Mendocino Room.
The Annual Ball Committee deserves to be singled out for their tireless efforts and creative contributions. And so - at the risk of  inadvertently failing to recognize someone’s contributions for which I apologize in advance - let me commend the following members of the Annual Ball Committee: Committee Chair Robert B. Edmonds, Esq., MBE. for his leadership, good judgment and inexhaustible energy in coordinating the entire event with the ATCC, for his budgeting, arranging for the 80th Anniversary souvenir coasters, the flowers, the Piper and generally letting the “buck” stop with him on all major decisions; CAPT Rob Meyer for sourcing the band and contributing innumerable creative ideas for the evening’s program; David Warburton, OBE. for his suggestions for the evening’s program; Ian Skone-Rees, Esq. for designing the Invitations/RSVP Cards and designing and arranging for the BUSC photo backdrop and red carpet (We’re back in the big leagues now!); Basil C. Johnson, Esq. for arranging for the award-winning Monroe High School JROTC Color Guard; Capt. Stuart R. Bird-Wilson, TD. for arranging for the framed recognition of RAF 17(R) Squadron, the professional photographer and for a member of the Queen’s Household Cavalry to “silently” pose with guests all evening long; and COL Fred Darley for registration duties, preparing the framed recognition for the ATCC and for the design and production of the superb Souvenir Program. Thanks to you and the rest of the Executive Committee for a superb job and for the perfect evening we all enjoyed.
[Special Note: The gold-etched BUSC coat-of-arms wine glasses everyone received at the Ball were a special memento of the 80th Anniversary Ball from a donor who wishes to remain anonymous. The donor asked me only to mention two things: (1) the donation reflects the donor’s high regard for the BUSC and its traditions, and (2) the wine glasses must be washed by hand only (no dishwashers, please) if the gold-etched BUSC coat-of-arms is to last its longest.]
And a special thanks to all of you who supported the evening by attending and by inviting so many wonderful and appreciative guests to enjoy the evening with us. The donors who enriched our gala event are recognized later in this Bulletin. I can’t tell you how many guests sought me out and thanked me for the “honor” of being invited to the BUSC’s 80th Anniversary Annual Ball. The evening was truly a BUSC “team effort.” Well done, BUSC, on your 80th Anniversary! Long live the BUSC!
* * * * * *

And now on to our traditional Family Christmas Dinner on Friday, December 11th. Back by popular demand after many years is The Music
Companie -- the costumed Dickens carolers who serenaded us and led us in singing all of your Christmas favorites. Just the prescription to get us all in the Christmas Spirit! I cordially invite all of you to enjoy another wonderful evening of holiday music, good food, friendship and that special BUSC Christmas Spirit. All guests – family, friends and neighbors - are welcomed to join us. We’ll be in the Terrace Room so space will be limited. Make your reservations early. See you all on December 11.