British United
Services Club
of Los Angeles
February 8, 2016
The 2016 President's Inaugural Dinner
Friday, February 19, 2016
Important Message from our ATCC Coordinator
Major Sandor X. Mayuga, USAF

T minus 11 days and counting.  We are well below the head-count we need for this month's mess night.  A reasonable start but we need to do a lot better. 

Things we all need to do:
1.  If YOU havenít RSVPíd yet, please do so now by clicking here,
or email me at
2.  Please call NOW all of those members of the Club you know or have called in the past.
3.  Please remember that this is an OPEN Night so spouses and guests of all stripes are welcomed.  Please bring your spouse and any other guest and encourage other Members to do the same.
4. GUESTS, GUESTS, GUESTS.  This is a good meeting to invite GUESTS.  We have an interesting speaker addressing subjects of both British and local Los Angeles history.  Don't miss this opportunity!
Our Program
" The Majestic Queen Mary "
Commodore Everett Hoard
Commodore Hoard will overview the R.M.S. Queen Maryís noble life as historyís most beloved passenger ship in war and peace and fair weather and foul. He will describe her status as the most unique hotel, a star attraction, and a place for special events.
The Commodore will address her rise from the ashes of the Great Depression, how she got her name, the glamour years of the 30s, her finest hours in the Second World War, the glory days of the 50ís, and the demise of point-to-point ocean travel, as well as the shipís unique place today.