British United
Services Club
of Los Angeles

Friday, February 19, 2016

President – Major General Peter J. Gravett
United States Army (Retired)

I offer a New Year’s greeting to all. This is my first message to the membership as the newly
elected Club President. I humbly thank those who nominated me for this post and extend thanks to those who voted to seat me. I would also like to congratulate all of the other elected officers and Executive Council members upon assuming their respective offices. Together, we plan to
move the Club forward during this term of office. I take this opportunity to thank our out-going
President Major Sandy Mayuga for his magnificent leadership over these past five years.
Certainly a job well done.

This will be an exciting, but yet challenging year for the Club. I am personally excited in that an excellent array of speakers will be visiting us on the various Mess Nights enticing all to attend.  With this said, I believe that it is clear to all we are in need of expanding our membership of both British and Commonwealth military and civilians and, of course, US Military. Each of us should set a personal goal of inviting a new qualified prospective member. If we do not increase our roles by the end of 2016 from the pool of British and Commonwealth military and civilians and US Military in the LA area, we have the option of relaxing our criterion and expanding membership past our traditional definition. The future is up to each of us to recruit members.

During the year, I will be seeking more participation by Club Members both at Mess Nights and in the community. It is my desire to expand the reach of the Club well beyond the Altadena Town and Country Club. This entails having a presence and supporting various British and Commonwealth events throughout the year in the surrounding communities while showing our “colors” ensuring that we are more visible. This will seek to enhance and retain our British and Commonwealth Military culture.

There are some schedule changes this year. Commonwealth Night will replace our Annual Ball, normally held in November. There will be additional open nights beginning this year. The only restricted nights for inviting non-candidate Guests will the military nights Army, Navy and Air Force, and of course the next Annual General Meeting. Opening all other meetings to all Guests will allow greater participation of our spouses, families and friends.

As in the past, there is always the need of assisting with logistics at the ATCC. Specifics include such tasks as placing the flags and nametags, assisting the Quartermaster with displays and accouterments and supporting the sign-ins and payments at the registration table.

I will be seeking the support of all as we maneuver through this year and welcome any suggestions and recommendations. And remember, any Member may attend an Executive Committee meeting.