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January 27, 2018
The 2018 President's Inaugural Dinner
Friday, February 16, 2018
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President's Remarks
for the
2018 President's Inaugural Dinner
Captain Stuart R. Bird-Wilson, , TD

I am proud to be in the position of President again with the opportunity to build on what has been achieved in recent years.  I am extremely grateful to the Officers and the rest of the EC members who have agreed to continue the tremendous work and dedication that they have shown in the past years. It is really the whole team of Officers, the rest of the EC and input from all Members that make the task feel worthwhile.  Camaraderie is what makes the time and effort feel an honor.

Unless you have served in any of the positions of the Club, you will have no idea of the efforts involved nor the satisfaction of being part of what makes our Club an amazing organization. Barry Stripp, Esq. just joined the EC, and Dermot McGovern, Esq. has volunteered an extra commitment to work with the Committee.  We field a liaison team with the ATCC to handle reservations, seating arrangements, and many other details. CAPT Rob Meyer and Tom Roedl, Esq. have kindly volunteered to assist with this role to eventually relieve Bob Edmonds, Esq., MBE. He has shouldered this task for years! Any further assistance with other tasks is welcome.

Finding new members is particularly vital to our continued success. Each Member has the potential to sponsor new Members into our unique Club. We have the bragging rights of being an 83 year-old international Club which maintains the best traditions of our militaries and forefathers. Glory in the past contributions of others stands in sharp contrast to the disintegrating society that sadly surrounds us. We have a proud tradition to maintain as a light in an ever-darkening world.

Please help us make the year of 2018 another notable one filled with interesting presentations, camaraderie and shared friendship. Please mark your calendars with the Dining In dates and invite potential Members and other guests accordingly.

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Our Program for this month's dinner
Combat Surgery in World War I
Presented by
Clarence Wigfall
A multi-faceted and very talented entrepreneur, Claremont Colleges’ Clarence Wigfall has just returned from Mongolia where he has designed and taught local courses in Science and Public Health Communications, taught both online and in Mongolia, and is completing field work for his PhD dissertation in applied social psychology.

Clarence Wigfall will bring us glimpses of the work of his grandfather as an American combat surgeon serving in France during WWI.  Born in Brunswick, Georgia and raised and educated in Sacramento, California, Clarence followed his father's advice to live and work among many types of people to give him experience to do his writing and media projects. He has lived on a farm, managed a small herd of Brahma cattle in central Texas, worked as a detail man in structural steel fabrication where he helped construct barges and fabricated thousands of detail parts for large structural steel projects. He later owned a successful advertising agency with clients such as a large Mexican food chain. Subsequently he became a well-known real-estate broker in Sacramento, where he owned the largest Re/Max office in the area. Clarence has lived on an Indian reservation and, after his children were grown, refocused his attention on public health and medical research. He has a Master of Public Health degree, a graduate student under our own David Warburton, OBE., and is finishing his PhD in applied social psychology. His innovative collaboration with David on the fantastic journey down the lung has been featured on the NIH Directors blog and won prestigious scientific art prizes.

Clarence’s father was a much beloved general practitioner in Alabama and Sacramento. Clarence is the grandson of Dr. (LT) Jonathan N. Rucker who served as a volunteer, front line field surgeon with the American and French armies in WWI.

Welcome Clarence back from Mongolia and enjoy the tales of his grandfather’s adventures.

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