British United
Services Club
of Los Angeles
If you are hosting a guest who may be interested becoming a member of BUSC you are a SPONSOR.  You are responsible for familiarizing your guest with our members, as well as acquainting them with BUSC history, traditions and protocols.  

You are also responsible for including your guest's name and meal preferences in your RSVP.    Before his/her first visit as your guest, you MUST also complete and submit a GUEST CARD.   The GUEST CARD has two functions:
  • Provide notes with which the President will formally  introduce your guest to the assembled membership; and,
  • Provide key members of the Executive Committee (EC) with the first data needed  to determine your guest's eligibility for candidacy and subsequent membership in BUSC.
The Sponsor (you) MUST:
  • Fully brief your guest on the proper attire and conduct required of all participants in the BUSC military mess;
  • Personally escort your guest during each dinner event they are able to attend;
  • Actively introduce your guest to individual members during the informal cocktail hour prior to commencement of the receiving line and dinner.
The Sponsor must insure that the guest attend a minimum of two monthly dinner events before seeking permission from the EC to submit the guest's name for membership in BUSC.

In general, it is the Sponsor's responsibility to be familiar with Membership & Recruiting protocols as outlined here, in the Membership tab on the Members Only Portal in the website, and as specified in our Constitution Bylaws linked from the same  page and in all monthly newsletters.