British United
Services Club
of Los Angeles
March 31, 2015
Any of you who have visited the website recently should have noticed some changes, particularly on the homepage, and there are more to come in the secure back pages as you login to the Members Only Portal.  As far as I can tell from the page files on the web server your BUSC website dates back to 2005 and I appear to be the fourth draftee-webmaster at the controls so far. 
 Then-Captain Jim Thigpen
Then-Captain Jim Thigpen
ca. 1988
 As a result of diligent work with other members of the BUSC Executive Committee (EC) we are deeply engaged in a surge effort to recruit new members into the Club.  So we have produced and prominently installed an introductory video which will acquaint any visitor with the culture, calendar and character of BUSC and its august membership.  This feature and the other public (non-secure) pages, accessible through the menu bar above it, have been laid out specifically for your use, as member-recruiters, in your efforts to inform and recruit possible candidates for membership.
can uon s with any similar organization it is the active and associate members who must do the heavy lifting in the recruiting process.  In the case   
2.  Propose to the BUSC Executive Committee that the candidate be invited to membership.  The sponsor must complete a PROPOSAL to INVITE for MEMBERSHIP, which calls for the attachment of documents supporting the candidate's stated qualifications in accordance with BUSC's criteria.  The member-sponsor submits this form directly to the Secretary who sits on the Membership sub-committee where it is reviewed for completeness and then endorsed to the Executive Committee for a final ballot.
Familiarization with BUSC's membership requirements and the recruiting process is the first step in making us all better recruiters.  For more information on the criteria or the process, don't hesitate to contact the email the Secretary any time at
Recruiting good members is the best contribution any of us can make to our organization.