British United
Service Club
of Los Angeles
Meetings 2007/2008

Christmas Dinner
Friday, December 12, 2008

On this evening the Club hosts family members and guests
at a turkey dinner and offers entertainment
which includes the traditional singing of
Christmas carols and songs.
This year we were in the Terrace Room.

Singing carols with Dolores Moore at the piano

Attendance was 52 Members and Guests

Kilts were well represented

Parading the Port

Ladies Night
Friday,November 14th, 2008

Traditionally, this is a night when ladies are invited to the mess. As the club has had lady members since 1988, this night now is reserved for the introduction of spouses to the mess and its traditions. This year the Toast to the Ladies was offered by our Honorary Secretary, Sandy Mayuga, with a response from his talented wife Deloris. Although this was a Mess Night, it was an "open" Mess night with guests cordially invited.

Sandy and Deloris

From "below the salt" listening to the Response.

For attendees and more photos of Ladies Night, please click the button below:

Navy Night
Friday, October 17, 2008

Naval Ensign of the UK
< The White Ensign is
flown by all Royal
Navy ships.

> The U.S. Navy jack is
flown on the bow when a
ship is anchored or
moored. This jack is
the original 1776 design
and recently is flown
again during the war on
terrorism after
Sept 11, 2002.

U.S. Navy Jack During War on Terrorism (2002)

View from Head Table

Felicity Marrs presiding

Alan Bernett, speaker

Speaker: Our speaker for Navy Night was Alan Bernett, who was born in Middlesex, England and who spent most of his younger teenage years in London in bunkers and bomb shelters as a result of German aerial bombardments. Alan described his early years and his decision in July 1942 to join the British Merchant Navy at age 16. He joined his ship, the merchant freighter SS Ohio, and was disappointed to be assigned as a junior steward, rather than to a more lofty position. He anticipated (wrongly) that the Ohio would make its usual Liverpool-to-Freemantle supply run. Instead, his ship was assigned to Operation Pedestal as part of a convoy to resupply Malta with desperately needed war time supplies.

He described the run to Malta while under almost continuous attack by German submarines, aircraft and E-boats. He described watching sinkings in the convoy. He described his ship being hit. After the captain ordered "abandon ship", he followed the ship's chef and others in jumping overboard to escape the flames, ending up in the water amidst blazing oil and gasoline. After many hours, a rescue vessel came through the blaze and successfully rescued them. After this, he was discharged from the Merchant Marine with, at age 16, 100% disability and a life time pension, which he estimates would have been about 1 per month. However, he forfeited this by refusing hospitalization.

He described how recently he had seen on TV an account of the incident in which the captain of the rescue vessel was featured, having received a high award for valor. He contacted someone associated with the program and told them that he was one of the ones rescued. What followed were interviews, and an invitation for a sponsored trip to Malta to be part of a commeration celebration.

As a postscript to his presentation, the SS Ohio was towed to Malta without him. It was so badly damaged that after unloading at Malta, it sank in the harbor.

The following link provides a description of Operation Pedestal and photos of the highlights:

 Click here for Link to Operation Pedestal 

Bob Edmonds and Alan Barnett
< It is interesting to note that Alan and Bob grew up in the same town in Middlesex, England.

> Post meeting conversations in the "ante-room" were lively and humorous.

"Retire to the Ante-Room"

Reynold Cindrich's display
Reynold displayed
US, East German and
Soviet naval uniforms
from his superb
historical collection.

A Soviet era naval commander's uniform

There were 25 members present:
M. Azam F. Darley L. Hoover R. Samuels
J. Benton W. Dean T. Mahan D. Stephens
S. Bird-Wilson D. Dixon F. Marrs W. Taylor
K. Bowen R. Edmonds J. Massie R. Wilson
J. Carranza P. Gravett J. Morris Speaker: A. Bernett
R. Cindrich M. Gregory J. Pleasant
P. Creamer T. Hanson M. Robertson

Air Force Night
Friday, September 19th, 2008

Ensign of the Royal Air Force

Flag of the United States Air Force

To honor members of the Royal Air Forces of Great Britain and the Commonwealth and aviation members of the United States Armed Services.

Speaker:Henry Gill III - on RAF Battle of Britain Pilot Jimmy James.

Head Table

Smith, Gill, Stephens, Mahan, Candelin, Gregory

Royal Air Force Squadron Leader Bertram "Jimmy" James (1915-2008) was shot down by the Luftwaffe in June 1940 during a bomber raid against German targets. He spent the rest of World War II in prisoner of war camps. During that time he took part in 13 daring breakouts, including the most famous of all depicted in the Hollywood epic, "The Great Escape". Henry Gill covered details of these attempted escapes. His talk was fascinating and enthusiastically delivered.

Our Speaker, Henry A Gill III, graduated from the Citadel Military College, served as as a U.S. Army Intelligence Officer, works in civilian life as a security specialist, and is a prolific writer on military, weapons, and historical subjects. (Please see the September bulletin for more details.)

There were 33 members present:

To the right is a signed painting presented to Air-Vice Marshall Harold 'Birdie' Bird-Wilson
To the left are Medals awarded to Air-Vice Marshall Bird-Wilson who was a Flying Officer during the Battle of Britain. These two displays are courtesy of his son Captain Stuart Bird-Wilson, TD.

To the right is an historic uniform display, courtesy of Reynold Cindrich, Esq.

 CLICK HERE for Biography of AVM Bird-Wilson 

Air Force Squadron Leader Bertram "Jimmy" James (1915-2008)
 CLICK HERE for obituary of SqdnLdr Jimmy James 

Past Presidents' Night
Friday, July 18, 2008

To Honour our Past Presidents for their leadership over the past 73 years.

Stuart Bird-Wilson, Jack Pleasant (speaker), Ken Smith, Bill Dean, Munir Azam, Bob Edmonds

Living Past Presidents
SQN. LDR. Munir A. Azam, TBt, 1997
Capt. Stuart R. Bird-Wilson, TD, 2003,2004,2005
Flt. Lt. John Blackburn, 1977
Peter Candelin, Esq. 1988
William L. Dean Esq. 1999
Anthony M. Dicks Esq. 1993, 1994
Robert B. Edmonds Esq. MBE, 1989, 1995, 2000
Michael J. Gregory Esq. 2001, 2002, 2006
Fl. Lt. Robert F. Reynolds, 1961
Kenneth G. Smith Esq. 2007, 2008

At our meeting on Friday, July 18th, J. Paul "Jack" Pleasant returned to speak about climate change and nuclear power. He is a strong proponent for the use of thorium reactors to replace uranium reactors. As a follow-on of his talk members are encouraged to read an article from the MIT Technology Review, "Cleaner Nuclear Power", which discusses current interest in Congress concerning thorium reactors.
 Cleaner Nuclear Power? 

Jack Pleasant and Displays
As discussed above,our speaker for the evening was John Paul Pleasant (Jack) who spoke on global warming and the use of nuclear energy (uraniun and thorium) to alleviate greenhouse gas emissions world-wide. He spoke of his experiences in China, where he recently has attended meetings and currently is a nuclear power consultant.
Jack Pleasant at the Podium


with links:
Conference in
Report to
 International Workshop on Thorium, Abstracts of Papers 
   National Security Implications of Global Climate Change 

Check in:Bob Wilson,Harry Dickinson,Felicity Marrs

Jack Pleasant and MGEN Peter Gravett

Attentive audience

Pool players Harry and Felicity
15 to 20 menbers "adjourned to the ante-room" after the meeting.
The ante-room

Members present:

U.S. Army Seal
Army Night
Friday, June 20, 2008

British Army Flag

 June 14th was the US Army's 233rd Birthday (click this link) 

BG Guido Portante and President Ken Smith, Esq.

BG Guido Portante, ARNGUS (Ret) at the podium

Brigadier General Guido Portante, Army National Guard of the United States (ARNGUS) (Ret) was the evening's speaker on the topic "A look Ahead: Future Army Combat Systems". He presented an interesting and informative account of the program, which runs from 2003 to scheduled fielding in 2015. The Future Combat Systems (FCS) is a joint program led by the U. S. Army, being developed by contract to Boeing as the Lead Systems Integrator (LSI) and partner Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC). Over time, the Army plans to introduce the FCS at the Brigade Combat Team (BCT) level.
 Future Combat Systems Facts (click this link) 
   BG Guido Portante (link) 

Von Leffern, BG Portante, Carranza, Billy

Army Members : Benton, van Bogaert and Bird-Wilson

Reynold C. Cindrich Esq. and display
MSG Cindrich, USA
displayed another
of his fine
of historic

One of the uniforms in the collection

Vice Presidents' Night
Friday, May 16, 2008

To Honour our Past Vice Presidents

John Massie, Mike Gregory, Bob Edmonds, Nat Richards (speaker), Basil Johnson, Peter Creamer, Stuart Bird-Wilson, Ed VonLeffern (new member), Munir Azam

We were privileged to have as our speaker Nat Read, author of "Don Benito Wilson: Mountain Man to Mayor -- Los Angeles 1841 - 1878". The book is significant for its account of the early history of Los Angeles, and more generally California and the West. Nat Read gave a fascinating account, with occasional touches of humor, of the early history of California, first under Mexican rule and then, after the Mexican American War, as part of the United States. Nat is a former BUSC member, as well as a retired U.S. Navy Captain. (Please see the May 2008 Bulletin for more details concerning Nat Read and his book). This was an outstanding talk on a subject of interest to everyone.

Sandor Mayuga, Nat Read, and Bob Edmonds

Nat Read at the podium

Annual Ball
Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Annual Ball this year featured music of the Byron Long Band for dancing, and entertainment by Senora Maria Megallon and her Flamenco Daccers.

Felicity Marrs, Ken Smith and Joy Tierney

President Ken Smith opens the Ball

Senora Maria Megallon

Felicity Marrs, Program Chairwoman



Flamenco Dancers ready to dance

Maria Megallon and partner

64th JROTC Night
Friday, March 28, 2008

On the evening of March 28th, the BUSC hosted guests from each of the three top high schools of the Army JROTC Drill Competition. The senior guests included Principal, Mr. Francis Ayala from 1st Place Monroe high school, and LTC Ted McDonald, USA (Ret), Director of Army Instruction and JROTC Coordinator, Los Angeles Unified School District, accompanied by C/COL Tae Hway Lee, LAUSD Army JROTC Commander. Guests from Monroe High School included 1/SGT Charles A. Mujica, Senior Military Science Instructor and C/MAJ Xidaly Gonzales, JROTC Battalion Commander. Guests from 2nd Place Belmont High School and 3rd Place Verdugo Hills High School included from each the Senior Military Science instructors and the JROTC Battalion Commanders. The guest speaker was BUSC's COL Fred W. Darley USA(Ret) on the motivational topic, "Having a Greater Vision for Success".

The following pictures may give those unable to attend a feel for this significant evening. (For additional pictures please go to JROTC button on the home page.)

Cadets pose for group photo
Suarez, _, Phan, Lee, Ochoa
Lamb, Alberto,Gonzales, Rodriguez, Marroqun

1/SGT Williams and BUSC VP Johnson

C/COL Lee, LTC McDonald, and Principal Ayala

Edmonds, Ayala, MGEN Gravett, LTC McDonald

General View, Cadets and BUSC Members

LTC Ted McDonald, USA ,at the podium

COL Fred Darley, USA, keynote speaker

President's Inauguration Night
Friday, February 15, 2008

Re-elected President Kenneth G. Smith, Esq. introduced the new 2008 Officers and Executive Committee to the members. He thanked last year's Officers and Committee Members for their work and contributions.

The Speaker

Sqn. Ldr. Munir A. Azam, TBt, Pakistan Air Force
The Guest Speaker was our own Squadron Leader Munir A. Azam, TBt. He spoke on the current situation in Pakistan and eloquently covered interactions between countries in the region. He gave historical perspective on the formation of Pakistan and events that led to its separation from India. Following his talk, which was received with great attention by members, he answered many probing questions.

Here are some aircraft flown by Sqn.Ldr Azam during the 1965 and 1971 Indo-Pakistani wars.

North American F-86F's of the PAF (circa 1965)

New Members

Peter White, Esq. and Ken Smith, Esq.
New members of the Club now are presented with a Membership Certificate and a Club Tie at the first dinner meeting that they attend as members. Here are two new members receiving ties and certificates from President Smith.
Earle Mac Veigh , Esq. and Ken Smith, Esq.

LtCol Edward von Leffern USAF(Ret) with Ken Smith
Two prospective new members were present at the meeting.
Peter Sheckelford-Lister, Esq and CDR. Chuck Billy

Annual General Meeting
Friday, January 11, 2008
The Annual General Meeting was held at the ATCC on 19 January, 2007. Following dinner, the AGM was convened. Reports were read for: Jr. ROTC, Membership, Treasurer, VP, President, Nominations and Election of Officers. The nominating committee headed by Michael J. Gregory, Esq., RAF, reported the following slate, which was unanimously accepted by the members, there being no nominations from the floor:

President -- Kenneth G. Smith, Esq. RAF
Vice President -- Basil C. Johnson, Esq.
Hon. Treasurer -- Robert B. Edmonds, Esq. MBE
Hon. Secretary -- Maj. Sandor X. Mayuga, USAF
Past President -- Michael J. Gregory, Esq. RAF
Exec. Committee -- Col. Fred W. Darley, USA
Exec. Committee -- Maj. Seth Milstein, USMC
Exec. Committee -- Capt. Lloyd N. Hoover, USN
Exec. Committee -- Felicity C. Marrs, WRNR

Christmas Dinner
Friday, December 7, 2007

On this evening the Club hosts its family members
at a turkey dinner and offers entertainment
which includes the traditional singing of
Christmas carols and songs.

The Christmas dinner was attended by 60 members and guests. Chef Jerry prepared a delicious turkey dinner with pumpkin pie desert. Dolores Moore at the piano provided music for dancing and, under the direction of Basil Johnson, for singing Christmas carols and songs.

A Christmas tree
in the lobby provided
a welcoming
holiday atmosphere.

Chef Jerry and his staff
in the kitchen prepared
the Christmas dinner.
Chef Jerry has excelled
and been an icon of the
ATCC for over fifteen
Chef Jerry

Mike Gregory Esq.and Col Fred Darley
BUSC members paraded
the port.

Dolores Moore at the
piano provided
music for dancing
and singing.

Dolores Moore

Basil C. Johnson Esq.
Basil Johnson, Esq. provided song books
and led the singing of Christmas
songs and traditional carols. His
enthusiasm was assisted by Dolores Moore,
for a spirited and enjoyable
evening's entertainment.

 Guest Names (Password Protected) 

Annual Ball
Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Annual Ball this year marked the Club's 72nd
Anniversary and featured music of the Byron Long
Band for dancing.

Michael Gregory, Esq, RAF, and
Kenneth Smith, Esq, RAF, assisted
by Joy Tierney, make pre-ball preparations.

Michael and Rachel McGhee
Dancing the
Gay Gordons

Ken Smith and Joy Tierney

John Massie, Esq, MBE,
RCAF, leading the
Parade of the Port

Martin and Hope Keimon
Martin Keimon, Esq., USA,
travelled here from Tucson,
AZ as the most
distant member present.
LCDR Edward Glad, USNR, OBE, was
the longest serving
member present.

Ned and Suzanne Glad

The celebration of the 89'th
birthday of Lauren F. Smith, Esq.
was announced at the Ball.
Congratulations and best
wishes for many more!

Claire Shackleford Lister and Loren Smith

Navy Night
Friday, October 19, 2007

On this evening, we honor members of the
Royal Navy and all other allied Navies,
including members of the Merchant Navy who
are put in harms way.

Head Table

The Loyal Toast

The Club welcomed 27 members and guests who listened to a fascinating presentation by Captain Chuck Kondrack, USNR (Ret) on "The Cold War: The Battle Beneath the Waves".

Speaker: CAPT Chuck Kondrack, USNR (Ret)

Reynold Cindrich, Esq, USA
provided a display of historic
Navy Uniforms.
Some members were dressed in
current uniforms.

Matheson, Milstein, Mahan, and McTaggart

Please see "Members Only" (Archives) for a collection of World War II Navy Recruiting Posters.

Battle of Britain Night
Friday, September 21, 2007

Air Force Night honors members of the Royal Air Forces of Great Britain and the Commonwealth and aviation members of the United States Armed Services.

Guest Speaker Bert Farris, Esq,

Albert "Bert" Farris, Jr. discussed military aviation in the Great War and its impact on subsequent aviation progress. He talked about the Royal Flying Corps and the Royal Naval Air Service, which merged to form the Royal Air Force in 1918. He told fascinating anecdotes about aerial combat in WWI. Mr. Farris is an enthusiastic student and hobbyist of the Great War and of the Air War in particular.

WWI Books
Reynold Cindrich laid out for display a selection of WWI books and a superb selection of historic military aviation uniforms.
His displays were impressive and added greatly to the interest of the meeting.

Examining Uniforms (Cindrich, Waters, and Benton)

Sqn Cdr E. H. Dunning landing on HMS Furious, 1917
On August 2, 1917, Sqn Cdr Edwin H. Dunning, RN was the first pilot to land an aircraft on a moving ship when he landed his Sopwith Pup on HMS Furious. He was killed five days later when a tyre burst, throwing his plane overboard.

Note: Click on the links below to see a collection of photos of WWI aircraft of both sides. (Then click back arrow to return here)

 WWI Entente Aircraft 
 WWI Central Powers Aircraft 

Mid-Summer Poolside Soiree
Saturday, August 11, 2007

The poolside soiree took place at the home of MG Peter and COL Blanche Gravett. It started at 1500 hours with an open bar and live music. At about 1730 hours, a buffet opened featuring roast beef and chicken with cherry trifle for desert. The buffet was superb. Later, Felicity Marrs assisted by President Ken Smith drew numbers for numerous door prizes.
There was strong attendance with many guests of members. The BUSC owes a vote of thanks to Felicity Marrs and her committee, and to the Gravetts for the use of their gracious home.

As shown in the following photos, a good time was had by all. (click on the button below for the password protected photos).


Past Presidents' Night
Friday, July 20, 2007

On this night, Past Presidents of the Club are honored and remembered for their leadership over the past 72 years.

Basil Johnson, Dr. James Fanson JPL (Speaker), Ken Smith, Bob Edmonds, Mike Gregory, Munir Azam

The guest speaker, Dr. Jim Fanson of JPL, spoke about the Kepler project. It is scheduled for launch in early 2009 and seeks to answer an age-old question: Are there other habitable worlds in the cosmos? He was a fascinating, knowledgeable and articulate speaker, making this a memorable BUSC meeting.

Dr. Fanson's Outstanding Presentation
Kepler is NASA's first mission capable of finding Earth-size and smaller planets around other stars.
Artist View of Kepler Space Vehicle

Details of Kepler
The Kepler Mission, a NASA Discovery mission, is specifically designed to survey our region of the Milky Way galaxy to detect and characterize hundreds of Earth-size and smaller planets in or near the habitable zone. The habitable zone encompasses the distances from a star where liquid water can exist on a planet's surface.

Results from this mission will allow us to place our solar system within the continuum of planetary systems in the Galaxy.

Members converse in ante-room after the meeting

U.S. Army Seal
Army Night
Friday, June 15, 2007

British Army Flag

To Honor the Army.
Basil Johnson, Robert Matheson, LTC Gene Boyer (Speaker), Ken Smith, Bob Edmonds, Jess Carranza, Reynold Cindrich, Stuart Bird-Wilson

LTC Gene Boyer, USA (Ret), related many fascinating experiences, illustrated with accompanying slides, while a presidential helicopter pilot for presidents Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon and Ford. Assisting him was his presidential co-pilot, CW4 Carl Borhanan. He related harrowing experiences with icing and fog while maintaining presidential schedules. There were instances of spills from rough air onto presidential suits, and air sickness of foreign heads of state. He mentioned President Johnson's controversal fleet of 18 presidential helicopters. In addition to his tours as a presidential pilot with the Executive Flight Department, LTC Boyer commanded helicopter companies in Vietnam during 1966-1967. Just recently, he led the complete restoration of President Nixon's helicopter for display at the Nixon library, which will transfer from a private foundation to become federally funded in the summer of 2007.

LTC Gene Boyer and CW4 Carl Borhanan
On August 9, 1974, LTC Boyer, piloting the Sikorsky Sea King helicopter, call sign "Army 1", from the White House Lawn, ferried just resigned President Richard M. Nixon to Andrews Air Force Base for his trip to San Clemente, California. CW4 Carl Borhanan was his copilot on many VIP flights.
Nixon Departing

Uniform Display

Reynold Cindrich provided a display of six historic Army uniforms for examination by members -- part of his much larger collection. The referenced photos give an idea of the presentations but hardly do them justice (click on the button below):


Vice Presidents' Night
Friday, May 18, 2007

To Honour our Past Vice Presidents
Munir Azam, Bob Edmonds, Bill Dean (Speaker), Sandy Mayuga, Mike Gregory, Stuart Bird-Wilson, John Massie, Peter Creamer

William L. "Bill" Dean, a past president of BUSC, was the speaker of the evening. He described his life in the British Isles just prior to the declaration of war in 1939. He gave a vivid personal account of his experiences, after the war declaration, as one of thousands of British children who were evacuated from industrial cities, such as his home in Liverpool, to the Wales countryside. (Please see the May 2007 Bulletin for more details concerning Bill Dean.)

Ladies Night
Friday, April 13, 2007

We were pleased to welcome to California (if only for a visit from the other Sunshine State) our own Lt. Col. William B. Sellen, USA (Ret.) and his wife Phyllis, who respectively presented the Toast to the Ladies and the Ladies' Response.

Lt.Col. Bill Sellen addresses the Ladies while Phyllis Sellen waits her turm to respond.

There were 64 attendees for this event. Ladies Night is essentially a regular meeting to which our ladies are invited. Instead of a speaker, humorous remarks by a member traditionally are made, followed by a Toast to the Ladies. A Lady then responds in kind and, following her remarks, offers a Toast to the Men.

A list of Guests and Table Numbers is available in the Members Section or by clicking the link below.

Junior ROTC Night
Friday, March 16, 2007

We dedicate the March meeting to the Jr. ROTC Cadets, instructors and administrative staff of the Jr. ROTC program of the Los Angeles Unified School District. Since 1945, the BUSC has been proud to sponsor the drill competition in the LA Unified School District for the BUSC Challenge Trophy, which stands as a permanent symbol of Anglo-American goodwill. (Click on the "JROTC" button for photos of the March 8th Jr. ROTC Drill Competition Parade).

Monroe High School won the BUSC Challenge Trophy for 2007. From the left - 1st Battalion Adjutant, C/MAJ Maricroz Macias; Army Instructor, SFG(R) Ricardo Magdaleno; and two unidentified cadets.

Cadet Officers from 3rd Place Los Angeles High School. From the left: Battalion Commander C/MAJ Horacio Fuentes; Cadet Terrones; and Cadet Lee

The speaker for the evening was our Major General Peter Gravett, California National Guard (Retired). He spoke directly to the JROTC Cadets, telling them of the of the importance of the Junior ROTC Program to the U.S. Army. Also, he emphasized the impressive accomplishments of JROTC cadets in having a 95% graduation rate from high school and in being school leaders. There were lively questions and answers following General Gravett's talk.

MajGen Peter Gravett addresses the JROTC Cadets from the top three high schools. To his left - C/COL Tansy Aguilar, JROTC Battalion Commander from 2nd Place Belmont High School.

President's Inauguration Night
Friday, February 16, 2007

President Ken Smith and Speaker Barry Klazura

The topic for the speaker, Mr. Barry M. Klazura, was "The Changing Face of War". This is a timely and relevant topic. He traced the history of wars from conflicts between kingdoms, where the conflicts were primarily wars of movements of organized armies and where the defeated forces were often allowed to keep their arms and to leave as units still under their own flags, to modern wars. Starting with the US Civil War and then WWI and WWII, wars became impersonal and total, with chivalry largely being lost. Western civilization now is being threatened by other cultures, leading to genocides as wars between ethnic and religious groups become less formal and more brutal. The current struggles against terrorism place us in a critical period of history. -- Following his talk, there were lively questions and answers.

At the conclusion of the meeting, more than a dozen members repaired to the privacy of the ATCC Card Room (off the main bar area) for lively conversation and even use of the pool table.

It was announced with sadness that past-president Douglas W. Fordyce, Esq, Royal Corps of Signals passed away following an illness. Condolences are extended to the Fordyce family.

The funeral/memorial service was held on Saturday, February 24th, 2007 at 3:00 p.m. at the La Verne Presbyterian Church, La Verne, CA. There were many BUSC members and wives present at the service. President Ken Smith paid tribute on behalf of the BUSC and praised his military service.

Annual General Meeting
January 19, 2007
The Annual General Meeting was held at the ATCC on 19 January, 2007. Following dinner, the AGM was convened. Reports were read for: Jr. ROTC, Membership, Program Chairman, Treasurer, Proposed Change to Bye-Laws, VP, President, Nominating Committee, Election of Officers and EC, and Installation.

2006 President, Michael J. Gregory, Esq. RAF, with incoming 2007 President,
Kenneth G. Smith, Esq. RAF.

A bouquet was presented to Felicity Marrs, WRNS, in appreciation for her contributions as Program Chairman from 2002 through 2006.

Felicity Marrs, Womens's Royal Naval Service, with bouquet presented for distinguished service on the Executive Committee as Program Chairman from 2002 through 2006.

With great pleasure, Life Honorary Membership was conferred on Michael J. Gregory, Esq. and Captain Stuart Bird-Wilson, TD.

For further details of the AGM, see the February Bulletin.